Monthly Archives: February 2017

Are you ‘Flipping Your Wig’ because of your Wig??

Every day the phone rings, and it’s a woman expressing a desperate cry.. ”It’s too hot!  My wig is just too hot!”  I know they’re hot; especially the synthetic ones.  It’s like wearing a knitted stocking cap on your the intense Florida heat.  Most of you wear them for golf  or tennis as well. …
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Need More Hair? Try Hair Enhancements

Ladies, the topic today is…HAIR! And lots of it.  I’d like to introduce you to an area of the Beauty Industry called ‘Hair Enhancements’.  This is added hair, like in the form of Hair Pieces or Hair Extensions, or both in combination.  A real ‘Life Changer’ when a woman feels her own naturally growing hair…
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