My own hair challenge and hair replacement journey

The only time I ever remember my own naturally-growing hair being truly beautiful was from about the age of 12 through 20. I barely had 10 good years. Born with hereditarily thin and fine hair, combined with hair loss from stress and anemia, I was ‘doomed’ with terrible hair. I went through the same ineffective cycle that most of you are going through now; color…perm…damage…cut…never able to achieve the long, healthy, luxuriously feminine hair that I really wanted. My hair grows quickly and can get quite long, there’s just not enough of it to get the look that I want; the longer it gets, the more straggly and broken off it gets. Wearing additional hair allows me to have gorgeous hair even if I choose to do very little to it, and the more effort and styling that I put into it, the better it looks.
The solution for me is to wear Strand Bonded Hair Extensions or Volumizers, depending on whether I choose to add a little length or just thicken the current length. The amount that I wear is around 100 attachments, based on which brand / type I choose to put in. The cost for what I wear is about $1500, and lasts for 3 to 4 months, however I choose to replace mine after 10 or 12 weeks. So the approximate yearly cost is about $6000…or $500 per month…or $125 per week…or $17 a day. These costs are average; there are less costly solutions as well as more expensive ones.

Joanne's Hair Before

Joanne’s Hair Before


hair loss solution palm beach

Joanne’s Hair After


My COVID Hair Loss Story

  • My hair before COVID: I have always had thinner finer hair, but able to make it look decent.
  • I got COVID in mid-August ’21. My hair began to fall out about 6-8 weeks later in the beginning of October ’21. It came out fast and mostly during shampooing, every night also when I gently brushed through it, and all over my pillow in the morning.
  • I lost handfuls of hair everyday, until I was left with about only 50% of what I started with. My scalp was also excreting a lot of ‘oils’; seemed almost sticky at times. I’d no sooner shampoo it, and a few hours later it was ‘greasy’.
  • I’ve worn hair extensions and volumizers in the past very often. (see My Hair Story). I wasn’t even able to utilize them because of the profuse shedding. You should NEVER apply hair extensions or volumizers during active profuse hair loss.

  • My hair shedding finally slowed down to ‘normal’ at the beginning of January ’22. I don’t expect to have my previous hair back for about 18 months. So, the period of fall out was about 2-3 months.
  • I have a full wig that is new that I’ve never worn, and a topper hair piece. I wanted to wear the hair piece, but couldn’t get the hair color I needed to custom color it to my shade, due to all of the product shortages. I’ve finally gotten some, so I’ll be coloring the topper soon, and posting updates.
  • As for my full wig, It’s super thick, so I was a little self conscious about wearing it over the holiday season around family and friends. Those who know me well, know I don’t normally have that much hair, and I didn’t want to be the subject of conversation. Remember: I’m a client too; some aspects of wearing extra hair are hard for me also.

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