Human Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions and Hair Enhancements have gained tremendous popularity recently thanks to the likes of celebrities and models. Because most are semi-permanently attached, and remain in place for up to 4 months, they are most desired by women who want something that they can treat like their own hair.
[spacer] The primary purpose of hair extensions is to lengthen the appearance of hair. When a woman desires longer hair, additional hair is added in some manner to her own existing hair in a longer length, thus giving a longer all over look to the style.
[spacer] If a woman is happy with the length of her own naturally growing hair but wants it to be thicker, the additional hair is added in a length the same as her own, and is referred to as Hair Enhancements.
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Things you didn’t know that Hair Extensions can do:

  • Restore damaged hair
  • Enhance color
  • Highlight and Lowlight
  • Enhance texture
  • Create Multi-dimensional color
  • Create a different style
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Types of Hair Extensions

  • Fusion extensions and strand bonds: The additional hair can be attached in a number of different ways. The most popular are classified as ‘strand attachments’. This means that a small amount of additional hair is attached to your own by a specially formulated bonder manufactured especially for hair to hair attachments. These small bonds are either melted and/or disintegrated with a solvent for removal.
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  • Micro Cylinders and Micro Beads: They may also be attached by a very tiny metal micro cylinder, usually made of copper, silver or aluminum. These Micro cylinder Attachments are gently ‘crimped’ around a small amount of your own naturally growing hair, and the cylinders are expanded for removal, (micro cylinders are not always reusable, however part of the additional hair usually is). Sometimes these attachments are referred to as ‘beads’.
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  • Tape ins and Clip ins: There are even more methods of attachment for hair extensions; some methods involve the additional hair being added in strips or panels. This attachment method is referred to as ‘Tape in’ or ‘Sticker Hair’. And then there are ‘Clip in’ extensions that are either attached by small comb clips or cylinders. They remain in your own hair for several hours to a few days. Some situations that a woman might want temporarily attached extensions include short term travel, special events, weddings, modeling jobs, or when you just want longer hair for a short time. Read My Q&A on Tape in Hair Extensions.
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  • Temporary or “Add-on” Enhancements: are pieces like ponytails, falls, chignons, braids, etc. that are temporarily attached by you at home whenever you wish to change your style or you’re needing a quick hair-styling.
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