Human Hair Wigs

Full Wigs cover 100% of the scalp area (the area of the head that is normally covered by hair). There are many situations that make wearing a cranial prosthetic or wig a necessity; and also several where a woman chooses to wear them.
[spacer] human hair wigs palm beachChemotherapy, Trichotillomania, as well as any of the forms of Alopecia, can produce enough hair loss to warrant wearing a full wig. This is usually over 50% loss. Up to 50% loss, a woman can usually get away with wearing something like a larger sized hairpiece or integration. But when the amount of loss exceeds 50%, there is not enough hair to conceal or cover certain bases, or to attach to.

Why Choose a Human Hair Wig?

Convenience, fun and fashion are some reasons why a woman may choose to wear a wig. Wearing a wig is fast and easy; once a wig is styled and ready to wear, there is a minimum of preparation. You can choose to have short auburn hair one day, and be long and blonde the next. A woman who travels extensively may have a ‘wardrobe’ of wigs (or different types of hairpieces), making it convenient for her to transition from daytime into evening looks.


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