Hair Loss, Wigs & Hair Extensions in North Palm Beach

From John D. MacArthur Beach State Park to North Palm Beach Country Club, I know how the Florida outdoor lifestyle can wreak havoc on your hair here in North Palm Beach. Hiding your hair loss under a baseball cap or hat is not the best solution. When you call me for a consultation, I will share with you my expertise on how to manage your hair loss. I offer a wide variety of solutions to fit your lifestyle and hair loss type.


Tips for Choosing a Hair Replacement and Hair Enhancement Specialist

  1. hair loss north palm beachLook at their background. My 25+ years experience in this industry means I know what will work for you. I ran a successful business in Pensylvania and have maintained a A+ BBB rating in addition to awards and certificates the entire time I have been in business. In addition to that, I have a cosmetology license in 3 states and many other certifications to prove my knowledge and expertise. Check out the resume of who you choose to work on your hair! Inexperience and lack of knowledge of the types of techniques and products can cause more harm than good.
  2. Make sure you are being evaluated by a cosmetologist, not a salesperson. Although it is fine to be screened with initial questions from staff, make sure the person you meet with will actually be doing the work. It is crucial as a hair replacement and hair enhancement specialist to evaluate the client before performing the work. You can rest assured you will only be meeting with me during any point during our work together. I feel establishing that relationship from the first point of contact is very important to the success of your hair treatment(s).
  3. Develop a long-term plan. Through my knowledge and expertise, I will be thinking about where your hair loss is headed. I will provide you with options and treatments as your hair loss evolves and desire to build a long-term relationship with you. Don’t be sold on the product of the moment!
[row][span3][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/hairlosscure.jpg” banner_link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-wigs/” title=”Human Hair Wigs” text=”Most of my wigs are Human Hair and are chosen in the proper color, length, and texture. Some are totally custom made just for you!” target=”_self” custom_class=”home1″][button text=”click here” link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-wigs/” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span3] [span3][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/hairextensions2.jpg” banner_link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-extensions/” title=”Hair Extensions” text=”Add extra length or fullness with my selection of human hair extensions in a variety of colors.” target=”_self” custom_class=”home1″][button text=”click here” link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-extensions/” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span3] [span3][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/testimonials.jpg” banner_link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-pieces-and-toppers/” title=”Hair Pieces” text=”Hair loss or thinning that is primarily located on the front and top of the head can be managed with a beautiful human hair piece.” target=”_self” custom_class=”home1″][button text=”click here” link=”/hair-loss-causes/human-hair-pieces-and-toppers/” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span3] [span3][banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/alopecia_palmbeach2.jpg” banner_link=”/customer-reviews” title=”Customer Reviews” text=”See what my customers have to say and view before / after photos.” target=”_self” custom_class=”home1″][button text=”click here” link=”/customer-reviews” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”no”][/span3][/row]


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