Most women will experience some degree of hair loss during chemotherapy treatment; the majority will lose it all. We are now finding that some chemotherapy drugs are causing prolonged and permanent hair loss. We, as hair replacement specialists, suspected this was happening many years ago. It’s now being confirmed, as more and more lawsuits are surfacing. So women who had to wear a wig because of the chemo hair loss, are now having to wear wigs for permanent alopecia.

Full wigs, or full cranial prostheses, are what is worn for this type of hair loss. Wigs constructed for medical use are very different. They are made of superior materials, textiles and hair for comfort, and contoured for a glove-like fit. Most medical grade caps have some silicone-like substance on them to insure security and minimize movement.

The most natural looking and easy to care for wigs for chemo are the ‘blends’; that is part heat resistant high quality synthetic, and part human hair. The style is retained even after shampooing. They can be blow dried and curled for style changes and have unbelievably natural looking colors. Most blend wigs are under $1000-$2500.

100% human hair wigs are equally as popular, but are usually in the over $1000 range. They are just like having your own hair because they can be custom colored for as close a match as possible, and can be blown dry and styled just like you do your own hair. The biggest difference with 100% human hair is the coolness when wearing. Human hair is a natural product, whereas synthetic hair fiber is like wearing plastic on your head. Most human hair wigs are $1500 and up.

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