Diet & Nutrition

You’ve heard the old saying “you are what you eat”. And “what you don’t eat" holds true as well! The number of Americans with significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies and inefficiencies is staggering. The bad news is that for the last 25+ years, we’ve been a ‘fast food society’. Our nutrition was poor and our health suffered. Obesity and diabetes are at record highs. The good news is that we seem to be getting better about nutrition, but some damage has already been done to our hair by the health conditions spawned by the bad years. Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy hair. Iron deficiency anemia and ferritin deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss in women, followed by magnesium, vitamins D and B deficiencies.

Many times hair loss can be a “red flag” that something more serious could be wrong. A woman losing significant amounts of hair should see a qualified health care practitioner as soon as possible. You may ask “Are some women affected more than others”? Women can experience hair loss at ANY AGE, and it doesn’t discriminate by any other means.

What usually happens to hair when there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies, is all over thinning. A hair piece or integration piece can assist when the thinning is on the top. Hair extensions, even if only as long as the natural hair, are great volumizers and thickeners. Or a combination of the two is very popular.

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