What to Expect

  • Flip flops are welcome! I’m very casual and you can be also. However, I’m very professional and serious about what I do. I have more education and experience than 95% of my peers. Please note that I recommend solutions that are in higher quality levels, and that pricing is commensurate.
  • I have policies to protect myself and you. Over the last 30 years, I know what works best. Policies may change without notice.
  • I service women only; if you are under 21 a parent or legal guardian must be with you.
  • PRICING starts at $350. There are some very nice options from $350-$750. Great quality options will be $1000+. AWESOME quality can run into the thousands. I can find a solution for almost every woman and every hair ‘situation’. I am very big on consulting, instruction and follow up.
  • Please call for a complimentary phone consultation (10-15 minutes) required prior to in person consult.
  • Consultation fee of $50 is paid at time of booking and is non-refundable for in-person consult. I provide services for a fee, I don’t work for free. If you make a purchase or order during your consult, I’ll credit the $50.
  • I prefer to communicate by phone call; it’s fastest and easiest. If you are too emotional to call me, you can email me at joanneklinden@aol.com, and we can communicate that way at first, but all consult appointments must be voice verified.
  • You will be alone with me in the consultation area, unless you are a minor. Some children are welcome as clients. I strongly request that you do not bring your kids to your appointment. I want us both to be relaxed and focused on all of the gorgeous hair I’m showing you and all of the important information that I am sharing with you.
  • During a regular consultation, if you’re looking for a wig(s), you will be able to try on 3-10. If you want a hair piece/topper, it’ll be around 3-6. You may take selfies in one of 2 areas so you can remember what they looked like.
  • If you need to reschedule once that’s ok. Everyone has a schedule conflict or isn’t feeling well every now and then. Please don’t be late; more than 10 minutes, and we’ll have to reschedule to insure everyone gets the amount of time needed. If you’re running late or are lost, please call.
  • You will need to provide required basic information about yourself on the intake form at the in person consult, and proof of identity.
  • Payment in US funds only.
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