Are you ‘Flipping Your Wig’ because of your Wig??

Every day the phone rings, and it’s a woman expressing a desperate cry.. ”It’s too hot!  My wig is just too hot!”  I know they’re hot; especially the synthetic ones.  It’s like wearing a knitted stocking cap on your head..in the intense Florida heat.  Most of you wear them for golf  or tennis as well.  I understand the desire and importance of looking good all day.  It makes you feel better and gives us confidence.  But there is a cooler way to have great looking hair all day and evening.

Human Hair ‘Topper’ Hair Pieces are MUCH cooler because they only cover the top of your head.  The fact that they’re made out of Human Hair instead of a Synthetic Fiber instantly reduces the heat.  They’re quick and easy to put on and stay very secure even through sports and activities.  Contrary to common belief, they’re NOT hard to style or care for.  The way they’re made these days, with technologically advanced construction procedures, requires very little time or skill to style.

Human Hair ‘Toppers’ also look better longer than synthetic items.  They have a much more natural appearance, and can be blown dry or curled, unlike synthetic wigs.  Another bonus: ‘Topper’ Hair Pieces NEVER have roots!

Purchasing a Human Hair item will definitely be an upgrade from a synthetic wig, but it will last longer and you’ll be much cooler.

So go ahead and ‘flip your wig’..right into the closet, and call now for a consultation appointment.

Joanne Linden, Women’s Hair Enhancement Specialist 412-999-9694   www.transformationshair.com