Are you tired of wearing ‘Tape-In’ Hair Extensions and want a safe alternative?

Many women wear hair extensions for extra length and volume to their hair, but are tired of the large size attachments of what are called ‘tape-ins’. ‘Tape-ins’ make it difficult to wear your hair up in higher ponytails and ‘up’ styles.

There are several other safe choices to wearing ‘tape-in’ Hair Extensions. First you have the most desirable, strand bonds or keratin tip bonds. These are the smallest, least detectable attachments available. They are color matched to the hair, and cut into the smallest possible size before being fused in. Because they rotate 360 degrees, they can be gently coaxed into high ponytails, French braids, messy buns, etc and not be seen. They remain in the hair a little longer, up to 3-3 ½ months because they’re easy to disguise as they grow out, unlike stiff tape tabs.
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Contrary to current belief, Strand Bond Hair Extensions DO NOT CAUSE DAMAGE on their own. When damage occurs, it is because of improper attachment, or they were removed the wrong way, or the wearer was not educated and informed with regard to home care.

Another popular strand attachment for hair extensions is by using tiny micro cylinders, sometimes called ‘beads’. These require no bonding, but require that the wearers hair be strong enough to take the added small amount of weight. They are reusable, which is a money saving feature.

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