Can Semaglutide/Weight Loss Products Cause Hair Loss In Women?

For many women, losing some weight quickly sounds appealing. Clothes fit better, going up steps is easier. Lots of benefits right?  Well… not so fast! Rapid weight loss doesn’t come without one really ugly side effect! Read on please..


Semaglutide based weight loss drugs, such as brand names Ozempic and Wegovy, are very popular right now. Despite the approximately $1000 per injection price tag, the maker, Novo Nordisc, can’t keep up with production. In 2023, there were over 5 million prescriptions written for these injectable drugs that were originally made in 2017 for diabetes. 81% of those were for women.


Even though these injectable weight loss drugs come with benefits for many, like losing about 15% of your body weight, there are side effects and downsides also. They can cause thyroid and pancreatic issues. Something called ‘Ozempic face’ can occur, which is a significant ‘drooping’ of the face, which usually requires surgery to correct. And the one side effect that I get calls about every week..HAIR LOSS !!!


These drugs work by increasing insulin production which makes you fell full faster, and decreasing your appetite. Unless the little food you’re eating is nutrient dense enough, you’re very likely going to experience some heavy duty hair loss. Hair LOVES fat, calories, and nutrients, and needs them to grow and hang around.


These drugs work fast; and the hair loss that can come with it happens FAST. Some women losing 25% – 50% of their hair within 6-8 weeks. That’s a lot, especially if you are a woman who didn’t have that much to start with!


Getting the hair loss to correct itself, requires you working with your doctor or a nutritionist. The goal: to make sure you’re receiving the proper amount and ratio of calories, fats, protein and vitamins and minerals. 


In the meantime, that’s where I can help. Immediately! I am a women’s hair loss specialist and consultant. I work at my office in southeast Florida. Please visit my about page learn more about me and what I do.


There are thousands of hair piece toppers and hair fillers available very quickly to thicken your hair back up and make you look great! For very heavy hair loss situations, full wigs are quick and easy items to get your hair looking just like it used to, or even try something different if you’ve been thinking of that. 


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