COVID Hair Loss

Do you think that the hair loss you’re experiencing is a result of COVID? I receive many calls every week from women who feel this way. You are actually experiencing a type of Alopecia. Whether it be from having the COVID or Coronavirus, or from treatment for it, or from the vaccine, there are many beautiful solutions to help you look more like yourself. There are thousands of non-medical and non-surgical options like Hair Piece Toppers, Hair Volumizers and Full Wigs that take the place of the lost hair. These solutions can be temporary or long term if need be.

The first and most important step is to take the best care of yourself as possible; good health is priceless. Next, you want to take the best care of the hair you do have left as you can. Use top quality products; don’t skip conditioning, and minimize styling products and sprays for a while.

If it is the worst case scenario, and you’ve lost most of your hair, a full wig will be in order. This is also likely the solution if you’re undergoing chemotherapy as well. 

However, if you can manage to keep an amount of your own hair in decent shape, a Topper Hair Piece will likely work. Maybe you are suffering from Thinning Hair mostly on the top. This solution is smaller and cooler than full wigs, which will keep you more comfortable through summer.

Lastly, don’t panic! The stress of this last year has been very destructive to many women. That in itself can cause hair loss, even if you haven’t had COVID-19, Coronavirus, treatment or the vaccine. Modern human hair solutions look incredibly natural and are easy to care for. Most women learn quickly how to wear and care for them. Hair Toppers make an instant improvement to your physical appearance. The longer you wait, the worse your hair loss or hair thinning could possibly get.

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