Human Hair Pieces and Toppers

Many times a woman’s hair loss or thinning is primarily located on the front and top of her head; with an amount of acceptable hair on the sides and back. This situation usually calls for some type of ‘Hair Piece’, which is simply defined as a structure of a particular size and shape that has hair on it. Hence the piece coordinates with the size and shape of the area in need; and density, texture, length and color of the useable hair around it.

Types of Human Hair Pieces:

Solid Base Hair Pieces

These type of human hair pieces have no easily visible openings in their base construction. Ones that are made of ‘mesh’ have extremely small unnoticeable openings for heat and air ventilation. These are easily styled without the base being seen as unnatural looking. Ones that are made of ‘poly’ or vinyl-like materials have no openings, and tend to look more realistic resembling skin or scalp. In other words, solid base hair pieces cover up whatever existing hair is in that area is utilized. They are easy to care for but tend to be slightly warmer due to the absence of distinguishable openings.

Open Base Hair Pieces

These type of human hair pieces are the same as solid base hair pieces except that there are small openings in the base to allow for heat to escape more easily and created a more light weight appearance. The openings are sometimes fashioned in an erratic pattern, making visibility more difficult. Unlike Integrations, none of the clients existing hair is used, or pulled through the openings. Open Base Hair Pieces are more light weight and cooler than Solid Base Hair Pieces, however, do require slightly more time and skill to make certain the base is not visible.


This type of human hair piece are Open Base Hair Pieces whose openings are larger (opening range from approximately 3/8′′ to 1′′ in size) allowing the wearers own naturally growing hair to be gently pulled through these openings and “integrated” with the additional hair. Integrations volumize and enhance fine, thin hair rather than replace missing hair. They are the coolest and most light weight, but require the most time and skill. The wearer’s own existing hair is pulled through the openings and used for coverage of the base material.

**Sometimes a hairpiece can be a combination of base types and materials, and a blend of human hair and heat-resistant synthetic, based on the wearer’s individual needs.

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