What To Expect

I’m very casual and you can be also. However, I’m very professional and serious about what I do. I have more education and experience than 95% of my peers. I can find a solution for almost every woman and every hair ‘situation’. I am very big on consulting, instruction and follow up. Please read as much info as you can on this website.

Appointments are necessary. First, please call for a mutually convenient time for a complimentary phone consultation (about 15 minutes), required prior to in-person consult. I charge for in-person consulting because  I incur costs of doing business every step of the way. My consultation is an education; I’m told this everyday.  Consultation fee of $75 is paid at time of booking and is non-refundable. I reserve the right to reschedule once without compensation. All payments in US funds only.

How much a service costs is all over the board. It can run from a few hundred into the thousands. Please note that I recommend solutions that are in higher quality levels, and that pricing is commensurate. 

I have policies to protect myself and you. For example, simply washing your hands. Policies may change without notice. I service women only. If you need to reschedule once that’s ok. Please don’t be late so we don’t have to reschedule. If you’re running late or are lost, please call immediately. You will be alone with me in the consultation area, unless you are a minor.  If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be with you.  Sometimes young girls experience hair loss; usually they are welcome as clients. Please discuss ahead of time with me if you need to bring your children to your appointment. Basic information about you will be required on an intake form, and proof of identity. No PO Boxes for legal residence. Payment in US funds only.